Shae Chronicles Podcast Episode 5: The Church

Last week I published my blog, Jesus Loves Me Part 2: The Church in The Church goes on to tell the story of two impactful moments in my life that were major triggers that still affect me still to this day. It’s a constant battle for me to let my guard back down and embrace the Church atmosphere again. It’s been difficult to face the many hardships I encountered as a teenager trying to understand my place in my relationship with God. Now, being a grown ass woman, with a strong spiritual connection, I’m able to face these trials and embrace the triumphs of where God has brought me.

Jesus Loves Me Part 2: The Church

I had plans to focus on myself and what I wanted. I believed in God's purpose for me, whatever it were to be. My doubt I once carried within had vanished. I spent most of my time getting my school work done and getting my credits right to graduate early. I started to be ambitious and embrace my Church family in all parts of my life. I was making smarter decisions and found friends outside the Church that embrace the real Denise. Until one night I received some unexpected news that would remind me of the Devil within.

No Love Like Daddy’s Episode 4 is a special one to say the least. After posting Episode 2, where I expressed my struggles with dating and being able to stand alone. I had several responses from women, from all backgrounds, wanting to express their own battles with relationships and how the absence of their Father's has caused a [...]

A Start of Something Special

This podcast is my way of #speakinglife into my kids and the universe. It's my way of constantly keeping our gifts in the forefront. By breaking generational mentalities and societies hard knock pressures to keep our gifts on the back burner. It's the only thing I know I can give that will last a lifetime.

Jesus Loves Me Part 1: Dad

By now, abandonment, resentment and the feelings of not being good enough all resided deep within me. I had become one with each of them and it is there where I would begin to find my own comfort; starting with my choices in men...

The Sound Of Sickness

Through this journey, I've challenged myself to push the possibilities. It's hard for us to see anything we deem negative within ourselves. But, in order to continuously evolve, you must be willing to see the truth.

Boundary List

Boundaries have been a game changer for me. I'm a Pisces, when I'm sold on something, I'm solid. Creating boundaries within all my relationships is key to my own personal happiness.

Love Rebrand

I'm creating my own lyrics and dancing to a beat only I can hear. I've found through my past experiences it is best not to seek to find who else can hear it. I spent years of my life dancing offbeat listening to someone else's love song. This time, may the universe align me with a love that already dances to my beat because it is theirs too.

The Beginning & The End

I’ve closed one of the longest chapters in my life, thus far. I’ve freed myself of grief and have finally accepted my Mothers death. I now solely trust in my faith to get me to where I want to be. In Episode 6, I recap my first series, Jesus Loves Me and introduce my new series that follows me through my teenage years into my current adult life. Which I like to call, Grown Ass Woman.

I, Speak Life Podcast

The words I used to describe myself where derived from the thoughts of a young girl with Mommy & Daddy issues; who turned into grown ass woman behaving like a child. For years, I couldn't figure out why I suffered from depression, stress, anxiety... all of the above. When I tell you, your words have power... The moment I started to look within, I found all the joy I tucked away from myself. Within my healing, I've found several answers to my whys?, within the answers I found my will.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Episode 2 dives deeper into my Jesus Loves Me Part 1 Series by discussing the harsh realties I've faced surrounding men. I have to say it was quite an emotional experience. I'm currently in the midst of not only gaining mental clarification, I'm also physically transitioning into a new space, outside of my Mothers home. [...]

I, Speak Life

Each moment you continue to live your life outside of your own reach, is another lost opportunity to be found. Always be kind, always show love, always give grace and most of all, always be you. You are capable of many things. We all are.