Hood Intentions is a baby that took years to conceive. One of my closest friends, Ena Coleman (@ena.angeline), who I met while working together in the corporate world for some years. It didn’t take long for Ena and I to connect due to our contagious personalities. We were two smart, educated (not in the traditional way) go getters who couldn’t wrap our minds around the Corporate politics. Especially, when no one could teach us what we naturally were born with. Collectively, Ena and I took our future’s into our own hands and used our God given talents to create and birth Hood Intentions.

Hood Intentions bold statement tee’s describe our most trying times as well as our most accomplished. Our tee’s derive from mostly vodka and emotions. lol But, really, the triumphs we’ve endured on our journey are what have molded us to be who we are.

Per My Last Email Tee Blk XS $25

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